Hey Coz!

Big and Little M (hereafter collectively referred to as M&M) are here for the week with Aunt A soaking up the Texas sun and humidity. After hours of swinging at the park and a nap to recover we made our way to the pool to cool off.
Little M's head has been battling various hard objects in the house including the tile floor, the corner of the kitchen island and the stainless steel kitchen table. Bedtime last night was like trying to get fighting, screaming cats to chill out and relax but after the Christmas Special (pomegranate italian soda and vodka) it all seemed OK. Tonight we're chillin' to some Monster Ballads of the 80s and I have to say all those lyrics have come flooding right back to me. I can't believe Skid Row, Poison, and Warrant have never graced my iTunes 'til now, but it's long overdue. I offered to burn them to Bubble Boy's iPod and he DECLINED (a little snootily, I might add). Imagine! He just doesn't appreciate the poetic value and fine music-making associated with the big hair bands of the 80s. I guess it WAS kinda after his time.

I think we'll try to visit the butterfly farm tomorrow before we head to the pool. If there aren't any posts for a while it'll be because I'm busy lip-syncing Don't Know What You've Got ('til It's Gone).


Anonymous said...

Your nieces are too adorable! Is that the pool at your gym? Schweet!
P.S. I hope Night Ranger's "Sister Christian" is on the 80s Monster Ballads disc. Oh, and Guns N Roses' "November Rain!"

Bubble Girl said...

Neither one of those fabulous diddies made the cut, but some obscure stuff by L.A. Guns and Saigon Kick did. Travesty! No Motley Crue OR GunsNRoses. Maybe the royalties were too expensive for those legendary bands??? The pool is the neighborhood pool at GH. Love it!