Day 3285

It's been 9 years since Bubble boy and I merged our bubbles and we've been floating happily along on the breeze ever since. Funny how 9 years has always sounded so loooong and significant to me in terms of relationships, but seems like it's gone by like nothing. 9 years is nothing in the grand scheme of things like evolution, the history of earth, the shelf-life of Kool-Aid and condensed soups. But, for me, 9 years represents more than 25% of my life and you really shouldn't count the first 18 years, so it's really more like half of my so-called adult life.

We didn't do anything crazy to celebrate...too many end of school activities and obligations. Little A helped me make shrimp kebobs (he even ATE one!) and Bubble boy brought home the BEST brownies I've ever tasted. Order them, track them down, beat an old lady with your purse for the last bag, do whatever you must because they are THAT good. Beat-An-Old-Lady-Good. Just like this Bubble I live in. That Good.

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