This was the oft heard sound during the Girl Scout campout at Camp Champions a couple of weekends ago. Not just due to the obvious reasons like trying to keep up with 9 high energy 2nd grade girls for the weekend. And did I say high energy? Because you put these 9 girls up against any other group of 9 girls and they'd run circles around them. Literally. Running circles, jumping out of trees, wallowing in the volleyball sandpit. They squeeze the most fun humanly possible out of every activity whether it be standing in line for breakfast, climbing the rock wall or swinging on the rope swing out into the lake for the 68th time.

The theme for the weekend was Pirates of the Caribbean, so the girls decorated the cabin with a treasure chest, a map and lots and lots of streamers. I didn't know there were streamers on pirate ships, but apparently there were many hundreds of yards of them. It must've been very festive to be a pirate. Big E had a great time swimming, water sliding, playing, jumping, dancing, roasting s'mores, etc...but I do believe the highlight of the weekend was wearing dangle earrings for the costume dance Saturday night. And I mean those were some dangly earrings.


mike said...

Big E looks Sooooo BEAUTIFUL!

mike said...

Your Camp Champions link doesn't work.
And, do you have any idea why I have to re-register EVERY time I want to post a comment?

Bubble Girl said...

Hmmm...will look at the link. As far as registering and re-registering...is there an option for "remember me" when you log in? Comments are limited only to people who are logged in (for moderating purposes 'cuz I know how y'all can get).