The Hippos They Are Hungry

About 3 weeks ago, out of nowhere, Little A stated he simply had to have Hungry Hungry Hippos. Remember that game? Brings back memories of Operation, Mystery Date, and hours and hours spent playing Clue. Having no idea where this sudden desire came from it didn't really register at first. We went to Target to spend that Easter money that was burning a hole in his pocket where he happily bought a new sword (I think that makes 18 he has now) and yet another blaster (aka 'gun', but we don't SAY 'gun' in this household...well, we try not to anyway) that can be heard from 2 blocks away. He realized his tragic mistake as we walked out of the store, sword and blaster already in hand, and wailed how he really meant to buy Hungry Hungry Hippos instead of just more weaponry. Being the slacker mom I can sometimes be, I refused to turn around and remedy this mistake.
Fast forward a week to a Boys' Night Out...Bubble Boy and Little A passing time at a local pub/eatery with some friends when the waiter brings over....wait for it.....Hungry Hungry Hippos! The next 2 hours flew by with a marathon HHH Tournament. Little A showed great promise and a natural talent for pounding with just the right amount of force and his timing was sublime. It was clear that he would need his own game in order to hone his skills and whoop all the neighborhood kids brave enough to challenge the newly named South Austin HHH Champ. We made that happen today and the training has begun. Prepare for the Gluttony.
That's a Happy Kid there.


grumpy said...

I HAVE to agree. That's one happy looking little kid there. Handsome as heck, too.

Bubble Girl said...

Takes after certain someones...