Super Simple Sangria

I've made some really freakin' complicated sangria in my time. Chop up enough fruit to prevent the scurvy from breaking out on board a very large ship, soak it in rum, cook up some simple syrup, mix it together, let it all soak a certain amount of time, add the wine, let THAT all mingle for a certain amount of time, blah, blah, blah. It was 'okay'. But what a hassle for a few glasses of a lovely beverage? Last week I needed a little something special and couldn't take one more trip to the store in the 45 minutes left before the evening was to begin. At the risk of tooting my own horn....

It rocked.

So, here 'tis...

Bubble Girl's Super Simple Sangria

One 750 ml bottle red wine (I used pinot noir 'cause that's what I had handy)
One liter of Italian soda (I used cranberry flavor but I bet Blood Orange, Pomegranate, Tangerine, etc...would all be great)
One cara cara orange, thinly sliced
1/2 pineapple, cored and thinly sliced

Pour the wine and Italian soda together in a large pitcher. Add the fruit and stir, slightly crushing the fruit. Let the mixture chill in the fridge or serve with ice if you have absolutely NO TIME and people are knocking on your door as you pull the spoon out of the pitcher.

This doesn't have that much alcohol in it, so if you really, REALLY wanted to kick up the 'kick', a splash or two of vodka or rum wouldn't come amiss.

I feel like a whole new world has been opened before me.


CCC said...

Well call me next time you throw some together!

Suzanne said...

Hi Bubble Girl:

Couldn't pass up the chance to comment on your "Queen II" listening (how obscure). I'm a HUGE Queen fan!