Breaking the breaking news

Spring break is generally spent in a virtual bubble (much like my normal existence only MORE, if that's possible). That's what spring break is about...getting away from the normal boil and toil of the life of a Stay At Home Mom. Only with the kids still in tow and now they're demanding that I entertain them 24/7. What a break.

But even so, I was sequestered from my normal news outlets and was shocked and bewildered when I came home to the Big News. You probably already knew since the media has been all over it and covered the absolute death out of it in their normal, in-depth, thorough fashion. I mean, you'd think there wasn't anything else in the world going on...like a war (Happy 5th Anniversary!!! (is that the Kevlar Anniversary?) Just look how far we've come...), an uprising in Tibet, an economy that's slipping and don't you know Eliot Spitzer is just peeing his pants in giddy joy that a New Distraction du jour has gobbled up the attention of the masses. I guess the scandal was unearthed last week sometime and the pundits and talking heads are absolutely bubbling with the juiciness of it all. Personally, I can't believe we all went this long without the truth coming out sooner.

Brace yourselves.

Barack Obama is a black man.

He has officially 'come out' and acknowledged this publicly. And here's more proof. See for yourselves.

I feel so used and manipulated. I can only hope that the Bill O'Reillys, Ann Coulters, and Mr. Limbaughs of the world will give this revelation the attention it deserves.

Which is to say, None.

One can dream.

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