That was the first thing I thought when I saw this photo from Bubble Boy's pictorial account of our Easter camping adventure. If only Little A and KC had their hands on their hips. Imagine the choreographed singing possibilities.

Our Weekend Without Electricity went just FINE. How can I complain when I had a cappuccino to rival any that I've had at The Coffee Shop That Shall Not Be Named hand-delivered to my tent on Saturday morning? Cappuccino is a beautiful thing and a treat any day of the week but then you throw in a homemade marshmallow that's been tossed with cocoa and know what you've got? A steaming hot Cup O'Heaven, that's what. I think I could start selling these off my front porch and give a certain little coffee shop a run for their money. Too bad SJ has sworn off coffee for the time being...we'll have to celebrate her return to The Dark-Roasted Side with a Marshmallow Cap when she decides she's ready to head down that road again. I think I might even take a stab at making the marshmallows.

Weekend highlights include (but are not limited to): Bike riding through the tall pines (one forgets that trees can get tall), the downhill on Sunday was like a ride at Six Flags; geo-cache hunts; some leading to treasure, some elusive; Phase 10 under the full moon and stars; a Sunday morning Easter egg hunt (Little A found the golden egg!); using food products like cabbage, grape juice, beets, turmeric, and onions to colorize our eggs; I already mentioned the decadent coffee beverages; discovering that Little A likes bacon and Big E likes deviled eggs; and Bubble Boy doesn't enjoy melted marshmallow stuck in his leg hair (who would?); and how could I forget the perfect, creamiest, yummiest mashed potatoes to top the shepherd pie cooked in the Dutch oven. We ALL need a Dutch oven.

Less than great things about the weekend were the 8 loads of laundry that were generated. Oh! and here's a tip...you really shouldn't wash pillows. They tend to fall apart and get all wadded up in the machine. Not pretty. Also, Little A has developed some mysterious hive thing. It pops up and itches like hell then goes away only to pop up elsewhere in a little while.

We're already in discussions about the next camping trip so it MUST have been some kind of good.

(Edited to add that blogger did some funky moving things around and I realized upon re-reading that a couple of the sentence made no sense WHATSOEVER. Hopefully they have now been rendered senseworthy.)

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