Cosmic Imbalance

It all started on Monday with a call to the dentist. Long story, short is Bubble Boy is leaving his official job to work on his unofficial job which is going to far more fulfilling and lucrative in the long run (right??) Anyhoodles, this means an end to Insurance As We Know It. In weighing the benefits of dental insurance vs. the costs I thought an arrangement with the dentist to continue paying the negotiated rates our insurance company has been paying for the last 8 years would allow us to skip dental insurance and let us stay with the same dentist (being averse to change of any kind like I am). No Can Do, says the office manager. No insurance = Financial Windfall. Insurance = Charity Case.

Later that day an attempt to exchange a shirt that had been accidentally purchased in the wrong size for Big E by her mamaw. Admittedly, I picked up the wrong size. It was in no way Mamaw's fault but it WAS her credit card and it is now residing 375 miles away. No receipt. No exchange. No budging. At all. Temptation to commit a small act of civil disobedience threatened to take over but I managed to hold it at bay.

Tuesday I dropped two bottles of recently purchased wine on the garage floor. I can't say I am complaining about the new eau de fancy wine bar smell vs. the previous paint, oil, and mildewy birdseed aroma, but still. No fun to watch $20 worth of wine spreading across the concrete. Yep. It was cheap wine. So?

Also Tuesday I forgot to bring my hairdryer to the gym. CCC was a gem and let me borrow hers.

And ALSO on Tuesday, a letter from the IRS. That's all I'm saying on that because we all KNOW that never ends well.

Wednesday, I remembered my hairdryer but suddenly it only works on the lowest, coolest setting. WTF???!! Also, I forgot my shoes so I had to wear my bright green/turquoise shower flip-flops all day long. No, they didn't match. Not even in an I'm Trying To Look Ecclectic kind of way. They were definitely I'm a Dork and Forgot to Pack My Day Shoes in My Gym Bag.

One or even two of these things in one week wouldn't seem all that eventful. But come ON! All this since Monday!?? I'm hopeful that by laying out my misfortunes for the week in an open forum I will be rendering my Karma happy again and bringing Cosmic Balance back to my life.


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