Changing directions

I was going to use this time to share the Woo's and Woe's of the Weekend of Camping with the third graders. But I got distracted by......

......the Limbaugh Call to Arms for die hard conservatives to crossover and vote for Hillary Clinton. I WAS going to talk about how pathetic and desperate this unethical directive is. But we all know that already, right?

Then I was going to make mention of the Caucus Chaos we endured last night. This Texas Two-Step is a little ridiculous and I can't quite imagine what the hell whoever designed this system was smoking when they set it up this way. Bubble Boy was the last of approximately 8,200 people present (or maybe it just seemed like that many) to sign in. There was much applause.

Then I thought I could dish about 3:10 to Yuma, which was really, really, REALLY good. Much better than No Country for Old Men, which was fine and dandy but damn...violent as all get out and left me saying "Wha?????" at the end. I'm finding that I am becoming quite the Christian Bale fan. But that's not really enough to make a whole post about since I'm not going to get into the details of each one.

Then there's the weird, horrible moods both the Bubble Kids were in this afternoon that must have been the result of strange astrological happenings. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, could make these kids happy this afternoon. I know because I tried all the tricks I could conjure to no avail until I locked them outside. That seemed to help for a few minutes. But just a few and they weren't consecutive.

Perhaps tomorrow Saturn will be in it's 7th house and the kids will be their normal, only semi-cranky selves and I will have more focus.

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