The summer before I started college was spent working in a Hallmark store and buying somewhere in the neighborhood of 950 cards - give or take - for every friend, family member, acquaintance and person I might eventually meet who would be simply perfect for some particular card that was so hilarious I couldn't pass it up. And so my card stash became quite extensive...a store within itself.

It was many years before I found need to purchase new cards and by then I was burned out on cards. In fact, I think the final handful went into the trash one year when I was cleaning out and purging. And then I just didn't really do cards anymore. Maybe a birthday card if someone

ranked really, really high or a thank you card because I felt like I should. I like to think that I always sent thank you cards, but if I'm being honest I'd have to confess that there was a time in my life when thank you cards weren't a priority. I was young and selfish and I was rebelling against all those things my mom tried so hard to teach me and while one wouldn't think Thank You cards would be an object of rebellion, I was indiscriminate in my rebellion. Hopefully they understood.

Long way to say that I bought Valentine cards this year and I'm just so pleased with them. My photographic skills in no way reflect the simple sweetness of the cards, but you get the gist.

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Jamie said...

Oh, you KNOW how I love cards. Those cards look Fab-U-licious.