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The writer's strike is over. Had you heard? I had read something to this effect last week, but only last night when we finally caught up to last week on The Daily Show did it become real for me. Don't get me wrong, Jon Stewart has been doing a bang-up job improvising A Daily Show (same for Stephen Colbert). Seriously, I was skeptical that they were coming up with all that material on their own, on the fly, but I guess that's because I'm a cynic and can't trust talent, mostly because I'm so void of any. What kind of juice were they on? Comedic steroids? I guess that would be called cocaine. Or ample quantities of tequila. That stuff always made me a hilarious riot.

I discovered that my new minivan .... Yes, I have fallen victim to the overpowering Soccer Mom Syndrome and am exhibiting symptoms of Minivan-Driving Mama, MDM for short. No known cure - you just gotta wait it out. Anyway, it's equipped with 3 months of free XM radio. Now, I've only randomly jabbed at buttons enough to find two news stations and a sports station, which means I've been listening to a lot of news. Yesterday being President's Day, I had the good fortune to hear Bill Clinton's acceptance speech at the 1992 Democratic convention (take a listen here). You may remember snippets. I think many have called it the "Revitalize America" speech. Some call it the "I still believe in a place called Hope" speech. Say what you will about this man, and I realize there's a lot that could be said, but Whooeee! he is a damn good speaker. Dare I say, a Great Speaker. I sat in my car, physically unable to turn off the radio.

Maybe I was so excited about it because of the Good Speaker Vacuum we've endured for the last eight years. I think even the supporters of W would never go out on a limb and say he's a great speaker. Or even a good one. Maybe around the poker table, but not much in the way of inspiring anything beyond "when will this end???". Or maybe that's just me.

Hillary and Obama will be in Austin Thursday for a debate and oh, how I wish I could go! Alas, I have no connections and am not a big donor. Or even a small donor. I have high hopes for this election, not just for the country and my fellow citizens, but for myself (still selfish after all these years!). I hope to be restored.

Bits of optimism have been bubbling to the surface in the past couple of weeks that this year could be different. And while I'll still be devastated if the Democrats do what they're so famous for and (in the most recent words of Jon Stewart) "snatch Defeat from the jaws of Victory", I still see a glimmer that perhaps it will have at least been a good, fair fight. Maybe. Guess I still believe in a place called Hope, too.


Jamie said...

I've got my fingers crossed and I'm gunna hope with all my might.

CCC said...

Obama's overrated. A vacuum with good BS. Clinton. Well, she's just hard on the eyes. Here's to no more term limits and 4 more years! Now, if someone would only strategerize on how to do that. I mean, aren't ya'll afraid of terrer?

Bubble Girl said...

My guess is Jeb will be stepping up in the next few years to relieve us of more of those pesky civil liberties and take those cumbersome taxes off more millionaires.