Motherly Intuition

Snuggled right in there between 3) Extracting my own innards with a shrimp fork and 6) Shoving glowing hot toothpicks underneath all my fingernails, on my list of Things I Hate To Do are, 4) Going to the grocery store on a weekend and 5) Going to the grocery store on a weekNIGHT. Being able to do all my food shopping during the "work day" is one of the most significant perks of being in the field of Domestic Sciences.

But last night I felt compelled to go to Whole Foods to get some items I was going to need for a little after-work thing we're hosting for Bubble Boy's team. Normally, I would just plan to get needed supplies the day of said event when I can go without having people bump into me or give me the How Dare I Push a Cart Down This Aisle look. But I thought I better do it - Just In Case. Bubble Boy met me downstairs (he works at Whole Foods), managed a little family dinner sans Big E, who was at swim practice, then he took off with Little A while I headed into the fray.

This is where the Intuition comes into play. Woke up this morning with a little 5 year old boy snuggled in next to me when I had been dreaming there was a bag of hot coals trying to crawl all over me. He was a hot little bugger and has only managed to get off his little sick bed once when I carried him to the potty. And next?

He asked me to turn off a movie so he could take a nap.

People. This is something that simply does not happen in this house. I began to worry.

I'm sure it's just one of Those viruses. Hopefully it's one of the in-and-out things and he'll be his regular bouncing off the walls, cranky, bossy, sweet, cuddly self by tonight. My intuition thinks (hopes) so.

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