Home Brew

This is what happens when you let your husband go to the pool and socialize with other men. They get to talking. Times were males would gather together and talk about the hot chick rubbing iodine-laced baby oil all over her pre-melanoma shoulders and chest area. Or maybe they'd talk about the newest gadget being introduced by Apple and how they were selected to test the beta version and how it Awesomely ROCKS because Steve Jobs is a god. But I digress.

Now it seems that when men of the married species get together the topic of BEER, and the homebrewing of it, is required to come up. In much the same way the conversation of married women with children will inevitably get around to blue food coloring and the resultant green poop and why do we need to have electric blue cupcakes anyway? Will the children eat fewer cupcakes if they're just plain ol' chocolate and do we need to find ways to make cupcakes more appealing so kids will want them? Again. Digression.

So, the brewing. Bubble boy was able to procure via craigslist many different apparati to assist him in the beer making he attempted to bill as an educational chemistry experiment. CC was kind enough to provide the makings of the first batch and the Brewing Was On! There were many hours of temperature regulation, sanitizing, marinating of grains, etc... deep into the wee hours of the next day. CCC and I sat and watched with trepidation as the kitchen was converted into a brewery.

Bottling occurred a few weeks ago and the first bottlecap shall be popped Sunday. Nothing has exploded as the beer does whatever it is beer does in our shoe / coat / electronics closet. Between the heat of the electronics, the sweat on the jackets and the aroma of all the shoes, I'm sure there will be a rich flavor and bouquet (does beer HAVE a bouquet?). Not that I'm doubting whether the beer will be absolutely fabulous, but I bought some back-up beer today.

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