Just when you think you might be getting it together...

....you take a little Look-See inside your child's water bottle. The one you've been rinsing and sitting upside down to dry every night before refilling it with freshly filtered water each and every morning so the water doesn't have to sit inside the plastic water bottle all night long with all that nasty PLASTIC leaching into it. You throw the lid in the dishwasher but you can't put the bottle itself in there because it's one of those double-layer, insulated bottles and the dishwasher would warp it in one night. So you take a peek inside and what do you see?

You see ORANGE MOLD growing in the little round indentations.

Ooooh, goody. Not quite getting it together. Nope. Not yet.


KT said...

My Polar bottles survive the "upper deck" of the dishwasher with no warping. But, I've lost a few lids that flipped down onto the heating element. And that gives me bottles w/ odd lids. And you know that makes me crazy.

Jamie said...

Icky! At least you caught it now though.