Bling me

Twelve weeks of an RPE, one week of Empty Mouth Bliss, Five primary teeth extracted culminated into Four braces for the next six to twelve months. Big E's first response was "They look awesome! I look just like a teenager!". She was tickled pink and giddily ran (really a super fast skip) all the way back to school when I dropped her off for her afterschool math club. And the best part is every month when she gets them adjusted she can choose new bands which come in dozens of color choices. Sweet! This go 'round she chose purple and black because they match her Halloween costume. These are going to make perfect accessories!

That was yesterday. Come morning the giddiness had worn off and the soreness had set in. Awesome? Not so much. Teenager? Who cares!? I wanna be a kid! I HATE braces!
Through the pain, she gallantly refused the Motrin I reluctantly offered. This made me so proud I had to hug her. Suffer through! Plod along and practice being the martyr your children will eventually accuse you of being. My attitude has changed over recent years about popping what I previously considered harmless pain relievers like Tylenol and ibuprofen. Limbs must be partially severed or at least bone protruding through skin before doling out the little chewable tablets. Big E has never been one to shoulder the pain with spirited valor, so this was a monumental morning indeed.

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Jamie said...

Tell E that the pain is worth it. For real, y'all! Cus you don't even want to know what my grill looked like B4 braces.