Hairy chest with your coffee?

For the second time in less than a week I witnessed a father delivering his children to school bare-chested this morning. I wasn't quite sure what to make of it the first time. A bit taken aback, surprised, feeling the embarrassment I would've felt when I was 9 years old if my dad had escorted me to school sans clothing. But maybe this is just the male equivalent of moms dropping kids off in their PJs. I've been known to jump in the car on those 'Sweet Baby Jesus! School starts in 2 minutes!' mornings with my giant t-shirt and boxer shorts and barefoot as I can be. Maybe it was THAT morning for this guy and I just happened to see him. But then I see it again today. Not the same guy. Could be a crazy morning for him too, or could be maybe this is acceptable? Maybe today's guy saw last week's guy and said YES! Green Light on the Topless School Drop-off! They are still in their cars...just doing the drop off thing. Not strolling into the school or showing up at PTA meetings half-naked which I wouldn't even have to wonder about the appropriateness of THAT.

But really? Is it SO difficult to throw a t-shirt on? Yes, it's still way too stinkin' hot here, but at 7:30 am it's still a pleasant 70 degrees. I don't think they've been out mowing or digging trenches. Now if it just so happens that one of these men is the husband of one of my friends, I will be mortified. I'm SURE this is just my own uptightness and prudish sense of what's acceptable (I really DO wear turtlenecks ALL THE TIME as soon as the temps drop below 80) and lack of anything better to ruminate over. Plus I had me a great big dose of Judgmental Sanctimony after dinner and it's oozing out of me.

Conversation overheard while waiting at Big E's swim practice:

"I MEAN! it's practically a car payment!"

"I know JUST what you mean, it's absolutely RIDICULOUS! Cuts, highlights, straightening, more highlights, touch-ups, and the occasional style. I mean, REE-uhlly! It's just crazy!

"I just hate spending that much money on my OWN hair, let alone my 14 year old daughter's. But just what am I supposed to do? That's JUST how much it costs!"

"I know, I know. My daughter's last appointment was over $250 and she has to go back every 4-6 weeks! It just never ends!"

"Oh? Where does she go??"

I quietly scooched myself away at this point. I was obviously sitting in the wrong section. Big E's last haircut cost $8 and I generously (or so I thought) added on a $7 tip to round out an even $15. And Yes, there really WERE that many "justs" in that exchange.


Anonymous said...

OH MY GOD! I saw a topless dad yesterday afternoon picking his son up from school. It was "that" dad ... you know the one I'm talking about. And I thought, that guy has no self-confidence issues whatsoever. He freely hands out compliments that make moms feel a tiny bit indecent. He shakes hands for waaayyy too long. And now he comes to school topless. I mean, it was 93 degrees outside, but the rest of us were fully-clothed ... I secretly hope he comes topless again today ... ohmigod, did I just type that?

Bubble Girl said...

Bad girl!