Houston, We have a problem...

Read no further if the topic of bodily functions offends you.

To sit or not to sit, THAT is the question now that there is a little boy in the household who has a tendency to run full speed in an all out panic to the potty at the very last possible second every time Nature calls. I'm guessing it doesn't take much imagination on your part to guess what the end result is and frankly, I'm tired of cleaning the floor, the porcelain god, the wall behind the porcelain god, the vanity, the baseboards, the rugs, etc...If I have to remove another shower curtain for washing and rehanging I just might curl up in the fetal position and rock uncontrollably for hours until someone notices I'm not doing dishes, laundry, vacuuming or cooking, or at least until Little A has to go to the bathroom again and his askew stream rips me out of my Happy Place and back to our urine-streaked reality.

SO! What to do? Instruct him on the finer points of sitting or hope his aim gets better? Throw down the Big Sponge and make him clean it up? Feel free to chime in on my little poll I'm trying out on the right margin.


KT said...

Sponge, I say. I remind my boys that I don't wish to SIT in anything wet EVER ... and that includes a yawning toilet w/ the lid left up ... which is a whole 'nuther topic for posting. Granted, the sponging that my boys do barely scratches the surface, and I still do a lot of cleaning. But, if they're having to wipe up after themselves each time, it at least points their minds (if not OTHER PARTS always) to their aim. I've sworn off letting them pee in the yard cuz you never know when THAT'S gonna come back and bite you in the ... "parts."

Jamie said...

Without going into great detail about it... I know some grown men, living in a not-so-far away bubble, that are quite masculine upon appearance, who let's just say..... prefer not to stand. Maybe Little A will find the same preference. Don't knock it until you've tried it, right?

We don't ever have to talk about this again, right?

Suz said...

I've been torn about how to teach Clifford. He sits on the potty and stands to pee all over the ants. We have had some "point it down" issues but I'm trying to get him to chant POINT IT DOWN every time he sits so that it will eventually be burned into his mind. I imagine when he's actually tall enough to stand over the toilet he may change his mind about taking the time to sit ... but I'm all for making boys clean up after themselves. This kind of control doesn't last very long. Use the power. Give him the sponge.