Training with Izze

Less than a week to go before the Danskin Triathlon I've been training for since March 1. Since then I've learned to cycle, run and swim. I really couldn't do any of those things prior to then. My first attempt at running resulted in about a 90/10 walk/run ratio. I thought my first swim was going to end with the gym dragging the pool for my limp, water-logged body. The first time I took my new bike out I crashed less than a mile from the house. SO, it's been a good learning experience for me. I know several people who have done this before and I've pestered them for all kinds of details and information. This week being the final week, it's what the training schedule refers to as a "Taper Week", so my co-trainees and I have been taking it relatively easy. Today we rode our bikes to the Veloway and on the way home I was brave enough to make a left turn in traffic to go to Starbucks for an Izze soda.

THAT'S the way to train! What a refreshing and relaxing way to end the ride. From there it was all downhill coasting.

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