Do you know the way to San Jose?

I felt compelled to continue the music theme since we did fly to San Jose early this morning and spent the day there. I'm embarrassed to say we lived in San Francisco for 6 months and I did not visit San Jose once. Sorry San Jose. It's nothing personal. Hopefully today will make up for it a little. We arrived and had our rental car by 10 am so we headed to what sounded like a really cool museum with Egyptian artifacts. Once we got there it wasn't as cool as it sounded and we decided it was not going to be worth the price of admission. We did get some nice pictures of the grounds, but since I am tired and lazy, I won't be posting them quite yet. Maybe tomorrow.

After that we headed to the Winchester Mystery House. Now that is a lesson on what excess time, money, and a good dose of the Crazy will get you. It was interesting and enjoyable for the most part, but what I think I will most remember is the tour guide. I could close my eyes and pretend I was listening to Glinda the Good Witch of the North tell me why the stairs only rise up one inch at a time, or why there is a cupboard door that opens to a wall, or how the most expensive window in the house (a gorgeous stained glass bauble designed to dazzle a room with dozens of rainbows) is covered by a room and never receives direct sunlight. You might not think this is so terrible. I mean, Glinda was a GOOD witch, after all, right? And I did always want to be glamorous, glittery Glinda, not mousy little Dorothy. But let me say that to be on a 65 minute tour in a 24,000 sq ft house it becomes less than pleasant. In fact, it becomes downright grating. Her sing-song voice is still reverberating in my head and I'm afraid it will haunt me always and forever. It was a cool place to see though, so if you're ever in SJ, do go see it. Just don't go with Glinda.


Jamie said...

That house looks really cool!

I can't imagine why anyone would want to be Dorothy. She's so whiney & clingy & even a bit dense.

But, I've never met anyone who dreamed big enough to want to be Glinda the Good Witch either. Very interesting!

KT said...

I'm LURKING like a crazy person waiting for your next post. POST, woman, POST!! What? You think you're on vacation??

Rodrigo said...
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