3-2-1, Go!

Remember how I cursed that #@$! Urban Assault quiz? Did my frustration bleed through? Well, with the combined efforts of half a dozen people, countless hours spent carrying my laptop around the house googling combinations I never thought I would google (Google! What did I do before you came into my life?), like "peanut butter" and "Leonardo da Vinci", pretending to be interested in buying a Subaru Tribeca B9 so I could get close enough to count the cupholders (there are 10, which necessarily means there are also 8, and no Subarus are sold with cigarette lighters, JOSH!, not that I'm bitter, but I digress...), and watching Hands on a Hardbody to figure out one word of a one line quote, we rocked the quiz and are in the first wave to start the race. All this (how many hours??) earned us a 5 minute head start and Yes, it WAS WORTH IT! (I'm talking to YOU, you know who you are) So, tomorrow morning we launch our attack on Austin. Watch out.


Anonymous said...

Ok then tell me, who was the 80's punk rocker and what was his band. My guess of Sisters of Mercy and Andrew Eldritch was wrong. Also my guess of Sam Malone for the boss of the Gary Fisher "Woody" bike was wrong also.
Yes, I'm not obsessed either.

Bubble Girl said...

Hmmmm..must've been Rebecca Howe (Kirstie Alley)?? I put Sam Malone too, but knew it was a 50/50 chance. The punk band was Black Flag, lead singer being Henry Rollins. The creepyfriendly.typset.com site had lots of logos under the "substantiation" menu link, one called "Red Flag" that looked exactly like the Black Flag logo. Thanks to CCC for spotting that one! I was going to have to go with The Dead Kennedy's prior to that cause I was going by the logo on the home page that looked like the integrated 2 and 9 (The 29ers) and thought at least the D and the K were similarly integrated. LORD. I know way more about all that than I'll EVER need to (til next year when I take the damn quiz again).

Bubble Girl said...

Hey...how did you find out which answers you got wrong? I don't know which ones I missed other than the one I specifically spoke to Josh about...

Anonymous said...

After I submitted my quiz, I realized that it was graded right away (29/38 = 76% I was happy with that). So what I did was take it again (under a different name so I wouldn't disqualify my score) and only answer one question at a time and note my score. That way I could get each answer that I thought was questionable. I was able to get the answers to 35 of the 38 possible points, but since I had already submitted my quiz, I didn't get an unfair advantage by figuring out the questions that I missed.

The answers:
1966 Volvo
Subaru 2% landfill
calculator and stink bomb (was there another answer here?)
Fisher BMX bike character???? (on retaking the quiz, I tried Rebecca Howe and it was not the answer)
Boy with Blue bandanna
Keen repurposes rubber supports and bag hardware ( I claim the bag hardware is not from the shoe manufacturing process but from something else)
Skinny Dip, Trippel, and Fat Tire
Cycling Movie RAD
Cars don't make money, trucks make money
When you put down one mother, you're putting down mothers all over the world
Red, Green White flag colors (I have no idea why this is correct)
Clif certified organic in 2003
Keen says to stand "On your head, in your heart, on your hands, and On trails"
Floyd Landis' race result was 36th
(btw Floyd was never a famous mountain biker)
Nura says to "Place or receive a voice call" (I claim this is wrong, it should be "talk and press a button)
Punk band singer?????
Clif Bar Cool Tag saves 2,000 lbs of CO2 (I claim this is wrong also, the website said 300lbs)
Subaru car jump #43
Pinger message "to forward press 4"
Tribecca doesn't have 8 cupholders.
(it has 6 cupholders and 4 bottle holders. It also doesn't have cigarette lighters but 12V plugs so I guessed it was the cupholders)

Bubble Girl said...

Anonymous - do I know you?

I too went with cupholders due to the discrepancy with the cigarette lighters. I'm at a loss about Bob Marley's dad's native flag...wikipedia says he's from Sussex, which would make the flag red, white and blue...am I misreading that question? I'm with you on the Clif Bar Cool Tag and what Nura said, too. Must the bike have been another TV character and not Woody? Nothing else jumped out at me.

I know I just need to let it go. But that would just be so easy. And I've made it clear to everyone my whole life that I just can't seem to do things the easy way.