There are certain things that once mentioned or experienced will form a memory that will be forever linked to another experience or thought. This may occur out of repetition such as a child misspeaking a word so many times that in the future anytime you hear this word (or the word it was supposed to be) you will hearken back to the memories of their chubby little smeary face talking with grand enthusiasm about the asthma that oozes out of volcanoes. And you hate anyone who dares to correct them. Let them grow up thinking asthma comes out of a volcano. WHO CARES? It's adorable.

Or it can occur because it coincides with an important event. The morbid of these is when a death happens close to a holiday those sad events are inextricably linked forever. The happy of these is when you can connect something, like a birth, to an event, or a song, or a particular blanket, etc...Such as when Bubble Boy and I drove to the hospital to experience the horror that was birthing Big E we listened to a Smashing Pumpkins CD, so whenever I hear 1979 I will forever think of that chilly early morning drive. It invokes those feelings of uncertainty during my last moments as not-a-mom, The bladder-emptying fear. The bladder-emptying excitement. Or maybe that was just a big, 2 week overdue baby. Either way.

So, today when I began making the stuffing for the Thanksgiving dinner I pondered the making of the same stuffing five years ago. The recipe was new, from Mrs. E, who has since abandoned me for "family" and "no fire ants" in California. I was making a gigantic batch...one for a potluck, one for our dinner and one to freeze because Uncle K was coming to visit and it's nice to have a back-up. I was hugely pregnant with Little A (he weighed in at 9 lbs, 7 oz - no petite flower...I blame the Halloween candy), and was chopping and sautéing my little heart out when da! da! DA! my water broke. I was beyond elated to have had my water break. This was THE event I wanted to experience in my life more than anything else. Big E was 2 weeks late and even after an induction was loathe to enter the world (that stubbornness? don't know where she gets it and yes, it HAS lingered), so having the water break meant good things! I won't go into the whole birth story because really? who needs to read how it went really brilliantly and then we had a crazy-ass nurse who was convinced he had a raging infection and SHE was the only reason he was still alive? No one. So.....moving on.

Forever and always I will think of That Moment when I'm making that stuffing which I will make every Thanksgiving. And I want you to never make another stuffing either. Everyone MUST make this stuffing, so now you can all think about my water breaking when you make it. Won't that be nice? So, here's the recipe.

Pistachio Cranberry Stuffing

1 lbs bulk sausage
½ cup butter
1 maui/Vidalia onion
1 ½ cup chopped celery
1 T minced garlic
1 1//2 cup dry white wine (or drink the wine and use chicken broth)
1 lbs dried herb stuffing (dry)
12 oz dried cranberries (soaked and drained)
1 cup shelled pistachios, coarsely chopped
¼ cup Grand Marnier or zest and juice from one orange
2 eggs lightly beaten
salt and pepper

Cook sausage in skillet and put in large bowl. In same skillet, add butter and sauté celery, onion and garlic. Add wine and cook 2 minutes. Add stuffing, sausage, and sauté mix in large bowl. Add dried cranberries, pistachios, orange juice, and eggs. Mix well. Place mixture in greased casserole and bake at 350, 30-40 minutes. (Cover with foil).
Add chicken broth or OJ if too dry. (or amniotic fluid if you have any)


Anonymous said...

I am so glad you posted this recipe. I have been thinking about it all week and I didn't have the recipe. Way to go...was it...Mrs. E?


Anonymous said...

I can't hear the song "One Week" from the Barenaked Ladies without feeling severe nausea. It was on heavy rotation on my favorite radio station in Dallas during my endless, all-day "morning sickness" of pregnancy.

Bubble Girl said...

Mrs. E and her Mr. E who you may remember was quite handy in the kitchen.

Bubble Girl said...

Are you sure it was the pregnancy or maybe just because it was Barenaked Ladies? JK. I love BNL.

Anonymous said...

I think you're casting aspersions on the musical stylings of the BNL! Frankly, I mix up BNL and Smashmouth for some reason. Same with Andy Gibb and Peter Frampton. Go know! Also, you forgot to mention the earlier part of your story whereupon you THOUGHT your water broke, asked me to come watch Emma until Uncle Karl arrived, I ate all of your chicken enchildas and then you and BB came home after the false alarm - hungry as heck - to gaze upon an empty Pyrex dish. Man, those were good enchiladas. We'll be having them tonight. See? The circle of life.

Bubble Girl said...

Andy Gibb and Peter Frampton? Is it the hair?

Anonymous said...

It took me years to figure out that it was b/c of the Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band movie. PF was sitting beside the Bee Gees (without AG), and I guess I just substituted PF for AG in my mind. My poor, disturbed mind.