The boy

Once upon a time there was a girl and the girl was going to have a baby. She already had a baby girl, and she felt very, very certain that the new baby would be a baby girl too. And then she'd have two little girls to lock up in the attic when they turned 15. She decided to go to the doctor and have the doctor confirm her irrefutable intuition. The doctor tried telling the girl that there appeared to be a penis in the ultrasound. The girl said "No...look again.". The doctor looked again and said it was most definitely a penis. The girl said "No, it must be the umbilical cord. I cannot raise a boy. Boys turn into men and I don't know how to make one of those". The doctor was not to be swayed from this opinion. The girl was nervous.

The girl told her little girl that she was going to have a new baby brother. The little girl said "That's OK Mommy, there's still time for the baby to change into a girl". The girl said "Hmmm..maybe".

Six months later the girl gave birth to the baby. It was indeed a boy. The boy grew. He grew and grew and grew. Before long the boy crawled and walked and climbed. The girl was tired. Then the boy would climb his little boy body up into the girl's lap and he would cuddle close. He was a warm, snuggly boy when he wasn't jumping and climbing. The girl was happy.

Then one day the boy turned Five. He was still warm and snuggly, but then he said things like, "Your kisses are slobbery". But the girl kissed him anyway. And he laughed his sweet, little boy giggle and gave her big, slobbery kisses too.

And the girl was happy.


Suzanne said...

I loved this post! *sniff!*

Bubble Girl said...

I got a little snuffly there at the end. I like to remind myself of these little moments so I don't drop my kids off on a random corner with a sign that says "Will mess up your house, complain about your food, cost you a boatload of money so you can't travel to all the foreign lands you had planned to, and cause you years of stress. But darn, aren't we cute?"

lil sissy said...

Good grief "bubble girl", do you have to be so darn clever and witty with your posts AND your return comments? You're a little sickening...but I love you anyway. I do have to admit that one got me little teary too. Oh, how I remember that little baby boy with "the most perfect nose I'd ever seen". Obviously that was before my own children were born.