Spring cleaning done!

...of the internal variety, anyway. 21 days, 46 protein shakes, 462 smelly capsules, 5 lbs, countless salads, sweet potatoes, vegetables and fruits later, I'm sparkling clean, inside and out. The first week was the hardest, but once I figured out that I could actually cook more than one sweet potato at a time or could make one big salad that would last a couple of days, it got a little easier. I also decided that the protein shake was actually delicious (gritty? what was I thinking?) and am sticking with it.

Best things about The Cleanse: the kids ate more vegetables than ever, getting out of my broccoli and carrots rut, deep sleep, not getting tired mid-afternoon, not having to drag myself out of bed feeling like I've been run over by a tractor, not craving bread/crackers every 30 minutes, calling my fellow cleansing friend to comiserate and fantasize over sandwiches, actually enjoying spicy food, making my first Thai soup with awful smelling fish sauce (and awful is a gross understatement), red peppers and artichokes are fabulous on just about anything. I'm sure there are many more, but moving on...

Worst things about The Cleanse: having to pack a day's worth of food whenever I was going to be out, no Chick-Fil-A french fries (maybe that's a Good Thing?), missing out on even the healthy things I enjoy like hummus and oatmeal with granola.

When it's all said and done the Good far outweighs the Bad so I'll be doing it again in August.

Who's with me?


grumpy said...

I think I'll pass. My body is so old and toxic, I don't think it could withstand the shock. Starting to TRY to eat a more healthy diet a few years ago has been shock enough. Coincidentally, my arthritis seems to have begun about the same time. I don't think there is a cause and effect relationship, but it does cause me to wonder sometimes.

Plus, I'm growing more cynical about various diet recommendations. It seems to me that many recommendations come and go. What was once recommended is often times shown to be wrong a few years down the road. Plus, conflicting information seems to exist on many current dietary recommendations.

What can I say? I'm Grumpy!

grumpy said...

I just heard a doctor on TV claim that the much vaunted antioxidants are not helpful in reducing cholesterol. Isn't that one of the many beneficial claims we've heard over the past few years?

Bubble Girl said...

I can't say much to the long term benefits of cleansing, but it does seem that it can't be too bad and I DO have a BUNCH more energy.