It's not bedroom furniture, but....

...it's a great hiding spot. This weekend while Bubble Boy did the Fun Dad thing and took the kids to Austin's annual Kite Festival, I did the Mom-Needs-Some-Alone-Time thing and went shopping. Four Hands had their annual (semi-annual?) warehouse sale and I put my shopping shoes on and braved the crowd. We scored really big a couple of years ago with a boatload of furniture at deep discounts but hadn't been able to make it since then due to this or that. I found this cabinet that I've been desperately looking everywhere for. I'm downright drunk with giddiness thinking about all the things I plan store in it, including my 4 year old. He fits perfectly, don't you think?

Unfortunately, they didn't have any acceptable bedroom furniture so the hunt for that continues. We WILL get our mattress off the floor in 2007. I swear it. Hopefully it will happen before something important inside me snaps. For those who don't know my deepest darkest secret, we've been without bedroom furniture for going on 2 years. We put new carpet upstairs and painted back in 2005 and thought we'd redecorate while we were at it, so no need to haul everything back up there. And that's why we've been sleeping on what my daughter's friend confusingly refers to as a "mat" for what seems a very long time. I guess it's a step up from a pallet.

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