The Emotional Turmoil!

After having avoided it for six seasons we finally succumbed to the Peer Pressure of the Masses and have been watching American Idol. I like to think that the reasons I haven't watched this (or any of the other reality tv) is because I value thoughtful writing and talented performances by gifted actors and that these shows target the lowest common denominator.

But I KNOW that the real reason is because I have an addictive personality and can easily find myself completely consumed by the show. The contestants' performances, their wardrobe, their hairstyle, their fake eyelashes, tattoos, the way they stand when they sing, things they say during interviews, what they do with their hands, how they tilt their head, and on and on. And as much as my friends have tolerated my need for discussion on these topics I feel like I need to restrain myself somewhat so as to not overwhelm them with my....enthusiasm.

I've been waiting for WEEEEEEEEEEEEKS for this contestant to go home. She's not a bad singer, but I just don't see the talent I see in the others. And yet. There we were, catching up on this week's show - I already knew who was leaving from reading headlines on the news today and I did the same thing I do every week when Ryan finally dropped the hammer down and let Kristy Lee Cook know she was not coming back. That is - I cried. No, not just a little watery in the eyes. Not wracking sobs, but a little sniffly. Real tears rolling down my face. It's like I'm soft clay in their hands and they are manipulating me like a 16 year old girl. I used to try to hide my tears from Big E and the gang, but now I don't even bother. As soon as we get down to those final two, no matter how much I really want one of them to go, the tears start flowing.

I remember seeing my best friend's mom crying at a Kodak commercial when I was about 13...that is so going to be me.

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