The daily grind

Saturday found us spending the whole day at the Delco center in Austin - Big E participating in her third Math Pentathlon tournament and me supervising 2nd and 3rd graders who themselves were going for the gold. BB coached Little A in another soccer game and everyone had fun doing whatever it was they were doing that day. Even when one of the little boys I was monitoring broke into tears and the little girl next to me had a potty accident (they really do need to schedule more breaks - poor girl). OK, so those particular 20 minutes weren't exactly highlights, but look what made it onto the blog? Big E continued her winning streak and was happy with the way it all turned out.

Sunday was spent with blood, sweat and tears doing yard work, yard work, and then a little more yard work. You know you've pulled a lot of weeds when your hands gnarl up into wretched balls and the tips of your fingers throb whenever you try to do the simplest of things, like say...type up a little something for your blog. But how can one resist the Call of the Yard when the day is so gorgeous and the yard is beginning to look like Nature is having Her way with the 1/4 acre we call home and making it Hers and Hers alone.

Sunday also saw the arrival of Aunt A and the two M's. Bluebonnet Time is upon us and nothing says "I'm a Masochist" like driving 375 miles to get a picture of two toddlers plucked down in the middle of a patch. We scouted locations today and we'll be attempting the shot tomorrow. Wish us luck.

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