Five year old Q & A

Out of the BLUE tonight:

Little A: Mommy, are you PREGNANT?

Me: Uh....No. No, I'm not not PREGNANT. [I KNEW this shirt made me look fat!]

Little A: How do you know? Can you get PREGNANT?

Me: Well, I cooouuld, but, ahem, uh, you know, I'm not.

Little A: HOW could you? How do mommies get PREGNANT?

Me: Well, uh, ahem....you need a mommy and a daddy to get pregnant.

Little A: I could be PREGNANT! I want to be PREGNANT! I have a mommy and a daddy!

Me: Well, no....not exactly....

Little A: But you said you need a mommy and a daddy and I have a mommy and a daddy! Yippee!! I'm PREGNANT! I want a brother!

Me: But you really, you need to have a part of the daddy and a part from the mommy to get together...

Little A: Inside the mommy right?? Oh yeah! Then the baby grows in the mommy's tummy! Right?? Well then, how does the daddy part and the mommy part get in the mommy's tummy?

Me: Well, umm, you know, they just do. They fit together.....ummm....like...like... a puzzle, yeah! That's the way. Like a puzzle. [Wisdom from a friend coming out of my back pocket!]

Little A: A sticky puzzle, right?

Me: How about a cupcake?


Jamie said...

All problems can be solved with cake!

Anonymous said...

Oh, just let the "abstinence only" sex ed programs take care of these pesky questions?