Wake me when it's over

How much more political news can I take? Rock-bottom is very near as I find myself sitting in my car for extended periods so I can geek out just a few more minutes listening to XMs POTUS '08. When I come home I rush through all my ridiculously petty responsibilities, like feeding my family - nothing seems quite so important as to trump the FUTURE OF THIS COUNTRY - or so it seems. With that pettiness out of the way I can sit down in front of my internet machine and read, watch news clips, read some more, scan headlines, watch a few more news clips, and on, and on, and on, and on. And yet I still miss big moments such as McCain's brain fart when trying to recall the specific Secretaries of State who have thrown their support his way.

I almost felt a little sorry for him there until I remembered he's running for PRESIDENT of the United States and I'm tired - so very tired - of listening to a President who comes across as a jerk at a tailgating party rather than leader of the free world. And seriously. He can't get by without taking and reading copious notes. Do we really want an Oval Office plastered in little yellow Post-its?

Someone needs to yank the needle out of my arm. Or just push the plunger down and wake me up when it's over. But only if it's good news.

Edited to add: I don't know what's up with the video. I have tried multiple codes and tried to track it down from the source, Meet the Press, and it seems that someone's showing McCain some love and preventing me from spreading this gaffe out there to all my many throngs of readers. A sign, perhaps? Naaah - just bad code.

Edited AGAIN to add: I guess blogger got itself figured out and the video is now working. Guess Someone is on my side after all.


KT said...

I finally voted today. And I can't tell you the RELIEF I felt once I was done. I was so worked up over finding just the right moment to vote. FEELING it, I guess you could say. And something about shopping for canned ham and crescent rolls today said, "I'm ready. Here I go." And I did. And I'm done. SO glad it's over. At least MY part.

Anonymous said...

You said on an earlier post that you already voted. I thought you said you wanted to wait till that day? I'm with you....ready for it to be over, so we can move on with our life.

Jamie said...

Just hit the snooze button one more time 'cus I see the light at the end of the tunnel now.

Suzanne said...

Amen, sister. I feel your priority pain. Great post! I'm so done with the doofus-as-president concept.

Than again, I was done with it before it actually STARTED.