Butterfly Kisses

Little A joined his class on a field trip to Wild Connections Butterfly Farm today and had great fun exploring nature and feeding a butterfly up close and personal. We DO really like this preschool and I have to keep reminding myself that it has a great and unique curriculum because his teacher (she was also Big E's preschool teacher), to put it in classic Ms. T style (meaning 'blunter than a crack on the head with a mallet'), is abrasive. I know that's too many parentheses in one sentence, but cut me some slack; I'm just venting here- Punctuation shouldn't count, against me: when I'm just trying to pour out! my feelings/

It's a long story that I won't try to recount, but the one recurring theme in all her communications to me about Little A, basically boils down to her suggestion that he needs more hugs and love at home. Little A receiving more hugs will solve everything in Ms. T's life apparently. Now, I agree, for a lot of kids, hugs and love will accomplish a lot. But first off, Little A is by no stretch of the imagination a problem kid. He's actually quite easy-going and has typical 4 year old boy issues (remember the Stunt Man entry a couple of days ago?). Secondly, he's the Lover of the family. Always up for a cuddle, a squeeze, a lap sit, a hug or a kiss, the kid rarely goes 3.5 minutes without some sign of affection given or taken. If he got much more love at home, someone would probably turn us in for other issues. So, that leaves me believing, especially after today's field trip, that it is actually Ms. T who needs more hugs and love. Any volunteers?


KT said...

Love how Nancy's eyes look like E's eyes in that cool photo. Preschool = 8 days and counting. AND I'M COUNTING! I'm ready for "days off" that I won't have next year. :(

Bubble Girl said...

Man! 8 days (8 days = 32 preschool hours)really puts it in perspective for me. I can suck it up and muddle through 8 more days. I think. Thanks, KT!